Donation Options:

Thank you for your interest in supporting Airmen!

There are many ways to support Airmen.  Below are some of the ways you can contribute financially. 

You may choose to make a general donation to support one of our many programs or contribute to
the education fund.  To learn more about supporting our education fund, click here.

Make a Donation Online:

  • Click here to make a general donation online.
    • Please consider setting up a monthly recurring gift! Thank you!
  • You may choose to donate "In Honor of" or "In Memory of" a friend or family member.
  • To contribute to our "Leaders Supporting Airmen" Campaign, click here.

Make a donation over the phone:
Call us at 855-246-7650

Donating by Mail:
Mail a check to the address below or send a copy of our credit card form.

Air Force Aid Society, Inc.
241 18th Street South, Suite 202
Arlington, VA 22202 

Other Donation Options

Bequests/Estate Planning:

Some of our most generous contributions have been in the form of bequests. Consider leaving a legacy by naming "Air Force Aid Society, Inc." as a beneficiary in your will or trust.

Stock Donations:

The Air Force Aid Society accepts donations of stock through our investment
portfolio custodian, Northern Trust. Please see the attached Stock Donation Instructions on how to
make a stock donation. We ask that when you initiate a stock transfer to please send an e-mail to at AFAS HQ with the stock you are donating and the number of shares being
donated. In addition, please include your mailing address and e-mail address so we can acknowledge
your gifts appropriately.

Corporate Matching Gifts - Double Your Donation!

A growing number of companies offer corporate matching gift programs where they match charitable
gift donations made by their employees. If the company you work for (or retired from) has a corporate
matching gift program, you can potentially double the value of your contribution to the Air Force Aid
Society! It's easy to do. Simply contact your Human Resources Department and ask if your company
offers a charitable matching gift program. If so, complete a Matching Gift Form and include the form
with your donation to the Air Force Aid Society.
Matching gifts are a wonderful way to increase donations to the Society. If your company does not offer
a matching gift program, please ask them to consider starting one.

Air Force Assistance Fund Annual Campaign

AFAS is one of four affiliates of the Air Force Assistance Fund (AFAF).  The annual AFAF Campaign, which
is run within the Air Force, includes solicitation on behalf of the Society.  Air Force members are able to
designate which affiliate will receive their donation and are encouraged to contribute through payroll
deduction/allotment.  This annual campaign supports the Airmen helping Airmen philosophy on which
AFAS was founded.  The AFAF Campaign runs from early Feb to early May each year at Air Force
installations around the world.  For more information, please visit the AFAF website at

Please note that since AFAS is an affiliate of the AFAF, federal law prohibits us from being an affiliate of
the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). 

For more information about AFAS donation programs, contact the Air Force Aid Society by
mail, e-mail, or phone:

Air Force Aid Society, Inc.
241 18th Street South, Suite 202
Arlington, VA 22202

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