Air Force Aid Society Spouse Orientation Program (Heart Link)



Program Overview

The objective of the Heart Link Program is to strengthen military families and enhance mission readiness. Appreciating that spouses play an important role in re-enlistment decisions, therefore impacting retention, a major program goal is to help spouses, especially those with the Air Force five years of less, acclimate to the Air Force/military environment. This program includes orientation activities consisting of presentations form base agencies, interactive games and exercises that should, by the end of the day, leave spouses feeling they are an important and respected part of the Air Force team. A program highlight is a visit from the Wing Commander who presents a coin to each spouse for completing the program.

Program Funding

The Air Force Aid Society provides a small amount of funding for each Heart Link Program which usually covers give-aways, snacks, and coins. While attending Heart Link spouses may use the Child Care for PCS program for child care if they have not used their 20 hours. In 2014, over $73,000 was disbursed in support of Heart Link.

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