Air Force Aid Society Spouse Employment Program

Program Overview

The Spouse Employment Program provides entry-level job training to AD Air Force spouses with the goal being immediate, viable employment. An important benefit of this program can be improving a family's financial readiness. Finances are very often a concern for young military families, and sometimes an obstacle to securing employment is the lack of entry-level job skills.

Although Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) is very much involved in the long-term education goals of spouses with the Arnold Education Grant, we feel the Spouse Employment Program is a worthwhile initiative because it provides entry-level job skills that (hopefully) will lead to viable employment. Each Community Readiness Consultant, working with a local community college, can tailor training to match the requirements of those local employers interested in hiring military spouses.

Program Funding

AFAS will pay for tuition, instructor fees, and books/handouts. However, we will not be able to fund child care as it would deplete program funds very quickly. It is our aim that each Airman and Family Readiness Center work with community colleges and spouses to arrange classes during times that would be convenient for the spouses (i.e., during the evenings when the service member could watch the children).


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