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emergency Vehicle REpair

I had just received orders. All of my money was going into my house in preparation to sell before my PCS in just 4 short months. On a Sunday afternoon after church, I was part of a two car collision that crushed the front driver’s side of my car. My deductible was only $500 fortunately but since I had been putting so much money into my house, I couldn't afford the deductible at the time nor did I have other means of transportation. I had heard that AFAS helps people financially but wasn't sure if they would help me. I made an appointment and had a check 15 min after showing up. They didn't judge me or ask me a million questions as to why I didn't have the money at the moment. They were the kindest people and I am so grateful the Air Force Aid Society provides this to people in need. It was a huge relief to be able to use this resource and it took so much stress off of my pending my PCS. Thank you to everyone who had a part in making this happen!!

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