Our Donors:  Supporting Airmen

At the 2014 Air Force Association Air and Space Conference, Sikorsky made a generous contribution to the Air Force Aid Society.  General Hopper was there to accept the donation for the Aid Society.  We are truly grateful to Sikorsky for this donation, which will help thousands of Airmen and their families.


Tell us why you donate...

Our son and brother, A1C W Dustin Pierce was serving proudly with AFTAC at Patrick AFB when he was taken from us in an off base accident December 28th, 2006.

Our family continues to honor him in many ways, one of which is to gift the AFAS in his memory. At times we would have provided gifts to Dustin, we now gift AFAS in the hopes that it helps another Airman or their family in a time of need.

Our loss continues to resonate in our family as the holiday season and the anniversary of his loss approaches. His memory will remain with us always and in his memory we hope to provide some degree of help and assistance to others on his behalf.

Dustin, we love and miss you.

The Pierce Family





Letters to heroes...

Samaia and her mother, Andeth, chose to support the Air Force Aid Society for Samaia’s 16th birthday.  Andeth is prior Air Force and Samaia is a member of ROTC.  Samaia and Andeth sent a donation to help Airmen and they also asked their guests to write letters of thanks to those who serve in our military.  We will post these letters in the coming weeks on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our website.





we can't do it without you!  Our donors make all we do Possible...

Welcome to one of our youngest donors!

Nine year old Fred Salem, Jr. is one of our newest donors! Fred won $50 from his karate school for receiving the most Facebook Likes on his belt presentation photo and chose to donate the money to the Air Force through the Air Force Aid Society. Fred's mom tells us they have a family friend who is in the Air Force and Fred misses hanging out with him. Congratulations to Fred on earning his latest karate belt and thanks for your generous donation!


Association of Military Banks of America

Thanks to the Association of Military Banks of America for their very generous $25,000 donation to AFAS!  It was especially thoughtful of AFBA President MGen (USAF, Ret) Andy Egeland to personally deliver the check.  The AFBA has been a regular donor to the Air Force Aid Society since 2005!  Their support to Airmen is truly inspiring, and we can't say enough how much their generosity is appreciated.

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