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Established in 1943


The Memorial Honor Roll was officially established in 1943 and it was formally introduced in our first Annual Report in 1946.  The following is an excerpt from our 1946 Annual Report:

"The Memorial Division of the Air Force Aid Society was created to perpetuate the names of deceased persons in whose memory contributions have been made to the Society. It is a means of honoring the memory of a relative or friend in a more substantial way than by sending flowers to the family. The name and date of death of the one so honored is inscribed in the Memorial Roll as a permanent tribute to their memory. In all cases it is endeavored to have available for those interested, a brief historical file on each person whose name is entered on the Memorial Roll. Hundreds of persons and organizations wishing to honor the memory of a relative or friend have contributed to the Air Force Aid Society through the Memorial Roll. The money collected in this way goes into the General Fund and is used to carry out the aims and purposes of the Society as set forth in its Certificate of Incorporation."


Memorial Honor Roll Archive

We invite you to search our Memorial Honor Roll Archive. In many cases you will find a biographical sketch of the memorialized person. The button below will take you into the Archive.




Active Memorials

Below you will find a selection of active Memorials that have already been established, please click any of the names to contribute to their memorial fund. If the person you wish to memorialize is not listed below, please scroll down to the form at the bottom of this page to create a new memorial for your loved one.

Mr. Rick Chojnacki
Mr. Joseph D. Parker
Dr. Harvey Rubin
Captain William L. Davis
Ms. Danielle Downs
SSgt Robert Byrnes


featured Memorial

Mr. Raymond DeVoe was a Member Emeritus of the Air Force Aid Society Board of Trustees for more than 30 years.  He provided the Society with a wealth of advice and financial expertise over that time and was a long-time supporter of Airmen.  Read his full obituary which pays tribute to a man of many accomplishments.

Memorial Honor Roll Biographical Sketch

We try to include a brief biographical sketch with each name on the Memorial Honor Roll. Recognizing that this is a difficult time, we offer this option to complete this short biography of your loved one online. Please use the link below to begin the form.

Biographical Sketch Form



Donate to a Memorial not listed above using the form below:

When making a donation in memory of someone, if you would like the family of the memorialized to be notified, please provide their mailing information.  Families will receive a report of the names and addresses of those who have donated in memory of their loved one.  Donation amounts will not be included.
This information can be completed under the "Tribute Information" section by selecting the option to "Mail a letter on my behalf."

Please note: A minimum $25 donation is required to create a Memorial tribute.

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